Sleep Well With These 3 Safe Anxiety-Free Stocks


When it’s tough to get sleep these days with so much turmoil in our lives, these stocks offer peace of mind.
It’s always important to have companies in your portfolio that have the ability to navigate through stormy waters because of the way they’re positioned in specific sectors.

#3. Anxiety-Free Stock – Linde PLC (NYSE: LIN)

Linde PLC (NYSE:LIN) this company dates back to 1907 and has been through a few name changes and acquisitions, but its core business has remained steady through time. It’s one of the largest industrial gas suppliers in the world.

The industrial gasses comprise oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium, and acetylene. The gasses are used in everything manufactured from healthcare to soft drinks, automotive, pharmaceuticals, welding, fertilizers, and more

That list is representative of the foundational sectors in all economies around the world, and that amounts to a diversified company spanning markets and industries.

Linde reported $6.4 billion in revenue for the second quarter and generated $1.76 billion in cash from operations, a 76% year-over-year increase. The company was easily able to cover its $506 million in dividends and about $783 million in capital expenditures with its considerable generation of operating cash flow.

The company has been around for a long time but remains focused on its future as it is scheduled to build and operate the world’s first hydrogen refueling station for passenger trains in Germany, and the company signed a memorandum of understanding with China Power to pursue green hydrogen initiatives in China.

#2. Anxiety-Free Stock – The Procter & Gamble Co. (NYSE:PG)

You may be familiar with Dividend Aristocrats, companies that have increased dividends for 25 straight years, and Dividend Kings that have increased dividends for 50 years.

Founded in 1837, P&G has been paying dividends for an impressive 130 years. And it has raised its dividend for the last 64 years in a row.

This powerhouse includes a stable of 65 consumer products including Cascade, Bounce, Febreze, Dawn, Crest, Comet, and Swiffer.

In the fiscal year 2020 which ended in June, P&G recorded a 5% increase in sales year-over-year to $71 billion. And in the first quarter of 2021, they produced $19 billion in sales, a 9% increase over the prior year.

Across all of the company’s key divisions sales were also up on a year-over-year basis: beauty (7%), grooming (6%), healthcare (12%), fabric and home care (14%), and baby, feminine, and family care (4%). Management has increased its guidance for the fiscal year 2021, by up to a 4% sales growth from 2020.

In the past year, its stock rose 12% and delivers a 2.26% dividend yield.

The consumer staples giant may get lost in the big tech rallies, but it continues to shine regardless of the hot trend of the day.

#1. Anxiety-Free Stock – The Sherwin-Williams Co. (NYSE:SHW)

Sherwin Williams would have been a name President Abraham Lincoln would have known. It’s been around that long, since the early days of the Civil War…

When SHW got off the ground, there was no Federal Reserve to protect the economy during the frequent bust and boom times pre the Fed. Businesses sought out stable products that could endure hard times and thrive despite them.

And that truth is holding firm for Sherwin Williams as well today in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Well entrenched in the industrial and consumer markets, this company’s stock rose 26% in the last year and its stock is yielding .74%.

Surging demand in its U.S. retail business powered growth as consumers spent aggressively on home improvement projects. Interior home repaintings, and new home purchases, both contributed to global sales gains of 5%.

Pre-tax income rocketed up to $876 million from $710 million a year earlier and earnings look even brighter which are now set to land between $21.49 and $21.79 per share, up from the prior prediction range of $16.46 to $18.46 per share.

“There is tremendous opportunity in front of us in every one of our businesses, and in many ways, we’re just getting started,” said John G. Morikis, Chairman & CEO.

Bottom Line: These three safe stocks will help protect you against the uncertainties that permeate our world today. They are anchored in solid sectors with reliable long-term growth … and will even pay a little cash into your portfolio along the way

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