Miracle in the Promised Land?

Finally, the world may have a COVID-19 breakthrough thanks to Israeli-based Enlivex Therapeutics Ltd. (NASDAQ GS: ENLV).

The clinical-stage company specializing in cell immunotherapy, based just south of Tel Aviv, Israel reported a major breakthrough with its clinical trial drug named AllocetraTM.

The news sent shares soaring on October 1, 2020, when the news first broke:

Chart Source: Yahoo Finance

Their clinical trial included five COVID – 19 infected patients, three with severe symptoms, and two in critical condition.

All five patients experienced complete recovery and were released from the hospital, on average in five and a half days for severe infections and, eight and a half for critical patients.

After the patients were administered AllocetraTM, the therapy was well-tolerated and there were no severe side effects and they were all COVID-19 PCR negative.

Testing of this drug is ongoing and a planned larger Phase II clinical trial of COVID-19 patients is planned for the fourth quarter.

Bottom Line: As the world holds its breath for the promised vaccine it’s reassuring to learn progress is being made across the globe and scientists are hard at work. As for investors, ENLV’s shares may not be a strong bet after their recent surge but it should be clear that paying attention to scientific progress can pay big dividends.

The BLI Staff

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